Stretch Forming Machines

Stretch Forming MachineWhen applicable, stretch wrap forming methods provide several unique advantages over pure bending and other types of metal forming. Stretch wrap forming machines operate by stretching the metal to its elastic limit, then wrapping the part around a forming die. This process increases the metal's yield strength and actually results in a stronger part. Since stretch forming machines also keep the metal under constant tension, they minimize imperfections such as "cans" or "buckles." Stretch forming machines also perform a task in one step that would otherwise require several machines and multiple steps, improving efficiency and saving time and money. For some parts, where it would otherwise be impossible, stretch forming machines allow for production runs of that part.

Sheet Stretch FormingIn addition to the natural benefits of this forming process, ERIE Press Systems stretch forming machines offer all the advantages that you would expect from a company with over a century of experience in designing and building presses and forming machines. When you choose ERIE Press Systems for your stretch forming machines, you get more than a quality product; you gain a partner who is committed to your success, because at ERIE Press Systems, we don't just build machines; we build relationships.

The personal nature of our customer service allows us to better understand your needs through constant communication. A team leader, dedicated solely to your project, will work closely with your company from beginning to end in order to develop a solution to satisfy all of the needs of your company's specific operation.

Stretch FormingOur team based engineering and critical path scheduling processes ensure that you will receive the level of personal attention necessary to ensure your complete satisfaction. Additionally, our continuous growth programs and our quality management systems guarantee that every stretch forming machine that leaves our facility meets the stringent standards that have made us one of the most respected names in forging and forming machine manufacturing.


Sheet Stretch Forming:

ERIE Press Systems manufactures the highest quality stretch forming machines for sheets to meet any and all tonnage, length and width specifications. We also build adaptable extrusion jaws to fit these machines.

Extrusion Stretch Forming:

ERIE Press Systems designs and builds stretch forming machines for extrusions, with all associated tooling.

Contour Roll Forming:

Especially designed for stringers and frames, contour roll forming machines bend and twist on three planes and allow for theoretically unlimited lengths.



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