ERIE Press Systems Ships New Carbon Extrusion Press to China

Equipped with the latest technology in hydraulic and electronic controls and software, adjustable height conveyor table with flying shear, measuring, weighing, and stamping systems for improved productivity and better quality electrodes.

Carbon Extrusion Press

ERIE , PA – ERIE Press Systems shipped its latest Carbon Graphite Extrusion Press to Kaifeng Carbon Company, Ltd., Henan Province, China. The 3,000 metric ton, 4-story-tall press features ERIE-designed and built hydraulic and electric controls with an integrated software program. The press extrudes carbon paste into electrodes that are used to melt steel in electric arc furnaces. The Kaifeng Carbon Company will use the press to produce electrodes used in steel recycling plants. This press is the critical component in a new plant where more than $100 million is being invested for electrode production. The system is capable of producing over sixty thousand tons of electrodes per year on a continuous basis.

ERIE ’s newest press extrudes large diameter, 20 to 30 inches (500 to 750 mm), ultra high power (UHP), carbon graphite electrodes. The electrodes have greater bulk density, lower specific electrical resistance, improved flexural strength, increased thermal conductivity, and lower coefficient of thermal expansion than achievable with other systems. These characteristics lower the cost of electric arc furnace operation and, thereby, the cost of melting steel.

ERIE ’s contract for the vertical tamp/horizontal extrusion, tilt-type press includes a flying shear with an adjustable run out conveyor as well as a supply of various dies. The press features include: a two position loading chute, a large capacity mud cylinder to receive carbon paste mix, vertical tamp ram, a vacuum/tamp arrangement, air break mechanism, a tilt mechanism to rotate the mud cylinder, vertical and horizontal locking devices, horizontal extrusion ram, clamp ring, extrusion dies, ring and die change hoists, tooling heaters, and interconnecting piping and wiring.

ERIE ’s carbon graphite extrusion press is equipped with oil hydraulic pumps, motors, and a proprietary control system. Monitoring and diagnostic features include a recorder for extrusion and tamping ram pressure, tamp vacuum chart, and a recorder for mud cylinder, extrusion ram head, reducer ring and die temperatures.

ERIE ’s unique combination flying shear and run out conveyor includes an independent rolling frame with adjustable height and speed, and a tilt mechanism that features a first part, scrap, and last electrode removal device. The run out conveyor measures, cuts to length, and stamps each electrode as it is extruded.

ERIE Press Systems has been building Carbon Extrusion Presses for more than sixty years. These presses can also extrude carbon graphite cathodes for aluminum smelting by changing extrusion dies from round to rectangular. Today, ERIE markets these presses world wide both to electrode manufacturers for steel melting and cathode manufacturers for aluminum smelting.

ERIE Press Systems ( is a leading manufacturer of custom hydraulic and mechanical presses and machinery for a broad range of metal and non metal forming applications including open and closed die forging, sheet and extrusion stretch forming, carbon extrusion and compacting, super plastic forming, cold extrusion, powder metal compacting, composite molding, and other custom applications. Presses typically range from 500 to 15,000 tons (4.8 to 146.8 MN) and are designed for integration into a complete process solution to meet the unique needs of each customer’s forming process requirements. Erie offers operator and maintenance training programs, field installation and Services, as well as press repair, re-manufacturing, and replacement structures.

For further information, contact Dale McCartney, Sales Director at 800-222-3608, ext. 715.

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