ERIE Press Systems Takes Off with Airbus A380 First Flight

Stretchformer manufactures components for the world's largest aircraft.

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ERIE Press Systems is celebrating the first flight of the Airbus A380 as one of the U.S. suppliers that produced machinery for the production of components for the world's largest passenger aircraft. The A380 completed its first test flight in Toulouse, France, April 27, marking a milestone in aviation history for the largest airplane produced in 50 years.

ERIE Press Systems was key among those suppliers, manufacturing at its Erie plant the large stretch formers which were required to produce structural members for the A380. The main challenge was applying new technologies while meeting cost and schedule targets.

"The most important achievement through this partnership has been the opportunity to make a mark on the future of aviation," George Currie, Exec V.P., ERIE Press Systems, said after the first flight. "We are thrilled to be working with Airbus and to be a member of the A380 team."

"Airbus is proud to have worked with ERIE Press Systems, who believed in the success of the A380 and worked hard to help us realize Airbus' vision," said Airbus North America Chairman Allan McArtor.

ERIE Press Systems has been building Stretchformers since acquiring the Hufford and Sheridan Gray lines with L&F Industries. L&F Industries had been building extrusion and sheet stretch formers as well as hot presses for more than sixty years. Today, ERIE markets these machines and presses world wide both to aerospace, aircraft, transit car, railcar, commercial escalator components, and miscellaneous sheet and extruded metal stretch wrapped shapes.

ERIE Press Systems ( is a leading manufacturer of custom hydraulic and mechanical presses and machinery for a broad range of metal and non metal forming applications including open and closed die forging, sheet and extrusion stretch forming, carbon extrusion and compacting, super plastic forming, cold extrusion, powder metal compacting, composite molding, and other custom applications. Presses typically range from 500 to 15,000 tons (4.8 to 146.8 MN) and are designed for integration into a complete process solution to meet the unique needs of each customer's forming process requirements. Erie offers operator and maintenance training programs, field installation and Services, as well as press repair, re-manufacturing, and replacement structures.

For further information, contact George Currie, Marketing at 800-222-3608, ext. 620.

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