ERIE Press Delivers 3,500 Ton Rolled Ring Blanking Press

ERIE, PA – September 2012 - ERIE Press Systems' 3,500-ton Ring Blanking press, installed at McInnes Rolled
Rings in Erie, Pennsylvania, forges carbon, alloy, and stainless steel preforms weighing up to 10,000 lbs. The
press supports a new radial-axial mill producing seamless rings up to 144" (3660mm) in diameter.

Rolled Ring Blanking Press
"The capabilities of the press have exceeded our expectations," Paul Janicke of McInnes Rolled Rings said. "A considerable effort was put into providing performance and controls that best fit our operation. We are very pleased with the results; ERIE Press Systems has supplied us with a critical piece of equipment that helps us meet our customers' needs for quality, speed and flexibility."

This new press complements a 1,200-ton ERIE press for rolled ring preforms that has been the workhorse of the McInnes plant since 1992 and will expand McInnes' base of business in power transmission, energy, and commercial/aircraft bearing markets.

Significant energy savings are achieved in the new press through the use of VFD's (variable frequency drives) on the eight (8) 300 HP main motors. The ERIE design adjusts the motor speed to provide the required flow and then "turns off" a motor when pump flow is no longer required. This eliminates the energy wasted during idle periods, which is typically 30% of a motor's full load current.

Press Monitoring Screen"This press design demonstrates ERIE Press Systems' commitment to develop extremely energy efficient presses
while maintaining the high performance standards and robustness required in the forging industry," says Bill Goodwin, Sales Manager.

Additional benefits include reduced noise level over the cycle, reduced pump wear due to fewer rotations, reduction in cooling demand, and use of fixed displacement pumps instead of servo pumps. An animated schematics screen of each hydraulic manifold displays the status of solenoid valves, proportional valves (commanded and actual position), press ram position, auxiliary axis positions, motor voltage and amperes, and hydraulic pressures.

Other features of the new press include a Sliding Bottom Bolster, Punch Cooling and Lubricating System, Punch Swing Arm, Shear Cylinder, Billet/Blank Centering Mechanism, Web/Slug Removal, and Scale Removal Device.
ERIE Press Systems is a leader in design, manufacture, and supply of custom manufactured, integrated press
systems designed to exceed customer expectations. Supported by our long history and broad experience, proven
design elements are applied to enhance production performance, simplify maintenance, and reduce total
operating cost. ERIE maintains a firm commitment to excellence in our products and services by empowering
employees and being accessible, reliable, and responsible. We have demonstrated this commitment since the
installation of McInnes' 1200 Ton ERIE Ring Preforming press. Our dedication to continuous improvement has
enabled our Quality Management System to achieve ISO-9001:2008 certification.

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