Retrofit Frame Increases Tonnage Capability

"…ERIE engineered a two column, six piece frame structure that allowed us to
salvage our press while increasing its capacity to 1,650 tons,"
Henry Hendriks Manager, Engineering and Maintenance, PATRIOT Forge Company

ERIE Press Systems has successfully engineered and installed a complete retrofit open die frame structure at PATRIOT Forge in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. The project required replacing the existing 1250 ton Bliss press frame and designing a new structure that would be the same height, space and sit on the same foundation while ncreasing its capacity to 1,650 tons. The new frame consisted of a base, crown, two columns and pre-tensioned tie rods. Other critical components supplied were lower die lock components, redesigned gibs and wedges, gland flange, adapter plate, and guide fences.

PATRIOT will forge standard carbon, stainless and alloy grade ingots, billets and bars weighing up to 40,000 lbs. in the new press. Henry Hendriks, Manager, Engineering and Maintenance, Patriot Forge Company said, "…the finished press is rock solid and integrates with all of our existing components including the mounting of the existing die slide and magazine. We're very pleased with ERIE's solution and the manner in which they engineered the additional capacity. Bill Goodwin, ERIE Press, Sales Manager added, "This press design demonstrates our commitment to engineer and manufacture custom designed press structure components that meet the high
performance standards and robustness required in the forging industry."

This press will produce forged step shafts, hubs and disks, seamless rolled rings, pot die products, gear blanks and steam turbine rotors. This new press capacity will expand PATRIOT's base of business for demanding industries such as power generation, gas NEWS RELEASE - RETROFIT FRAME - ERIE Press Systems compression, oil & gas, nuclear, petrochemical, industrial equipment, aerospace, military, and commercial markets.

ERIE Press Systems is a leading engineering and manufacturing supplier of custom hydraulic and mechanical presses and integrated systems for open and closed die forging applications with capacities from 500 to 15,000 tons (5 – 147 MN). We strive to enhance production performance, simplify maintenance, and reduce total operating cost in every press we design and deliver. ERIE, we're committed to excellence through empowering employees to be accessible, reliable and responsible and have been for more than 115 years. ERIE has achieved
ISO- 9001:2008 re-certification.

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