ERIE Press Delivers 3,500 Ton Rolled Ring Blanking Press

"…we selected the ERIE Mechanical Forge press because of its proven record of reliability and performance. Our operation puts great demands on our equipment and we'll rely on this press for the next 25-plus years of production," Gasper Buffa President, Meadville Forging Company

Meadville Forging Company has ordered a new 4,000-ton ERIE Mechanical Forging Press to support their growth in gear blanks, bearing races, wheel hubs and other critical forgings for automotive market. The closed die press will feature ERIE's patented Scotch Yoke ram producing less stretch and improving off center load capability.

The ability to produce top quality forgings and the requirement for reliability were critical elements in Meadville's discussion to purchase the ERIE Mechanical Forge press. Gasper Buffa, president of the MFC Group put it this way… "our forging business has continued to experience strong growth particularly in the automotive market. To support the
growth, we determined we needed more capacity and deeper back-up capability in our mid-range tonnage vertical forging operations.

We evaluated a number of forging press designs from different manufacturers before deciding on ERIE. We have a number of ERIE presses in our vertical forge shop, understand them well… and they've been very reliable. Our selection of the new press took into account this history of reliability, the demonstrated excellent service ERIE has provided and new improvements in press design. Together, the MFC Group and ERIE engineers reviewed improvements to the clutch and hub design as well as other mechanical areas now incorporated in the new 4000-ton
press. These areas along with the value of ERIE's economic proposal were keys to the selection.

We are confident this new 4000-ton press with updated features will provide even greater reliability and improved productivity in the future!

This new press is scheduled to go into service in 2014. ERIE's mechanical forging presses feature an exclusive Scotch Yoke drive mechanism which delivers superior precision in all forging processes. For more information on the advantages of the Scotch Yoke design, ERIE Press Systems is a leading engineering and manufacturing
supplier of custom hydraulic and mechanical presses and integrated systems for open and closed die forging applications with capacities from 500 to 15,000 tons (5 – 147 MN).

We strive to enhance production performance, simplify maintenance, and reduce total operating cost in every press we design and deliver. ERIE, we're committed to excellence through empowering employees to be accessible,
reliable and responsible and have been for more than 115 years. ERIE has achieved ISO- 9001:2008 re-certification.

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