At the heart of ERIE Press Systems is our manufacturing facility located in Erie, Pennsylvania. We achieve optimal production from our facility by getting the best equipment, the best software, and the best people to work together. It takes all three operating as one to produce forging and forming presses at the level of quality that we expect of ourselves and that our customers come to expect

Erie Press Manufacturing facilities.

The ERIE Press Systems facility stretches over seven acres with a roofed in area of approximately 150,000 square feet providing the primary work space. Located along a major rail line, interstate, and port, the facility consists of a two story office building and two main manufacturing bays with a light assembly bay between them. We have two assembly pits, and two cranes with lifting capacities of 150 and 100 tons respectively that  serve as our muscle.

CNC machining centers give ERIE Press Systems the capability to handle difficult and custom manufacturing projects. Additionally, converting all major cutting tools in the facility to CNC has greatly improved productivity while a DNC interface in all machine tools enhances flexibility and communication between processes. Meanwhile, manufacturing is guided by a computerized Enterprise Resource Planning System and a Material Requirements Planning System to ensure no stone goes unturned in our facilities.

The expert staff at our facility ensures the best results for every project. Formalized training of our assembly floor teams informs the processes we use to manufacture the highest quality forging and forming presses while increased interaction between manufacturing and engineering has led to more "producable" designs. Finally, our team based work force means everyone at our facility has clearly defined roles and responsibilities to ensure thorough execution of every detail.

By coordinating all of these exceptional elements, ERIE Press Systems has built one of the most efficient manufacturing facilities on earth, allowing us to deliver the highest quality forging and forming presses available.

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