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ERIE Press Systems offers a host of advantages when it comes to manufacturing forging and forming presses. At the center of our commitment to quality is the union of high skilled people with state-of-the-art technology. From formalized training for the people actually building the forging and forming presses to computer programs designed in-house specifically tailored to our operation, the advantages and benefits of partnering with ERIE Press Systems are many.

Our organization also offers its own advantages. Project managers give you a single point of access for all communication on your project, while our team based organization means that someone is responsible for every detail of the project. Critical path scheduling minimizes slack time to ensure that your forming or forging press is completed on schedule. Additionally, ERIE Press Systems offers the advantage of truly turnkey solutions to your forming and forging needs by delivering all the services necessary for any press manufacturing project.

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Design Tools:
ERIE Press Systems employs state-of-the-art design tools to ensure that your press meets all specifications exactly.

Quality Certifications:
Our continued self-improvement and quality management systems have earned us ISO 9001-2000 certification for excellence in forging and forming press manufacturing.

Partnering for a Solution:
With ERIE Press Systems, you get all the advantages of a partner dedicated to providing a turnkey solution to your forging and forming challenges.

Manufacturing Facilities:
Our facility in Erie, Pennsylvania is fully equipped to handle any forging and forming press project you can imagine.

Project Management:
Project managers and design leaders give you the advantage of communication, cooperation and dedication to the project

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