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Closed Die Forging

Closed Die Forging PressERIE Press Systems offers a wide range of hydraulic forging presses to meet your forging needs. From warm and cold forging to extrusion and more, we are dedicated to delivering the best quality hydraulic forging presses in the industry. Our presses range from 250 to 9,000 tons and offer the advantages of faster stroking speeds, variable speed control, and quick die change capabilities. Reliable and long lasting, our hydraulic forging presses will cut maintenance costs and keeps production running smoothly.

Whether you work with metals, plastics, ceramics or any other materials, Erie Press System can design and build a custom hydraulic forging press tailored to perform optimally for your specific operation. Our custom presses will help you reduce waste and increase efficiency, saving you time and money while still producing the highest quality parts.

While we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, we also work hard to be a high-touch company. Throughout the entire process of building your hydraulic forging press, a dedicated project manager will be in constant communication with you. This allows you to track the progress of your press easily as well as request any changes at a moment's notice.

Furthermore, by developing a relationship with your company, we can fully understand your challenges and build the ideal hydraulic forging press for your operation.

Closed Die Touch Screen Panel
Operator Control Panel
Closed Die Hydarulic Forging Press

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