Closed Die Forging Presses

For manufacturing tools and other parts requiring a die with a pre-formed impression, Erie Press System's closed die forging presses offer the best in quality and efficiency. We offer both hydraulic and mechanical closed die forging presses in order to meet whatever needs your operation requires.

With over a century of experience and a commitment to continuous growth and quality management, our craftsmanship will exceed all of your expectations. Our closed die forging presses are more efficient, more operator friendly, and require less maintenance, saving you time and money.

Additionally, we offer a truly turnkey solution to your manufacturing challenges. With mechanical and hydraulic, single- and multi-cylinder closed die forging presses, we can build a press that fits perfectly into your company's operation. We can also perform complete remanufactures of old machines to save you money or custom design a brand new machine to whatever specifications you require.

Hydraulic Forging Presses: The innovative hydraulic forging presses at ERIE Press Systems will improve your production capabilities and make operation easy and efficient.

Mechanical Forging Presses: A staple of our superior craftsmanship,
ERIE Press Systems' mechanical forging presses deliver the precision
and reliability you would expect from a company with over a cenutry of experience.

Isothermal Forge PressVacuum Isothermic Forge PressVIPF Model Press

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